The First Fold

Days Missing

“Genre-bending, intelligent, and gripping work. Brought to vivid and colorful life by a selection of first-rate artists and writers...”
— Booklist
“Days Missing: Kestus is actually even stronger than its predecessor.”
— The Quarter Bin
“It's only words and words are all I have to take your heart away.”
— The Daily Blam
“A romantic blend of science and historical fiction that enthralls as much as it entertains ( 5 stars ).”
— The Homeworld
“David Marquez is bloody brilliant...”
— Player Affinity
“Hester's script is very strong.”
— Kitty's Pride
“Kestus is a complex and exciting character...”
— The Daily Blam
“The mixture of action, science & human nature of it all, is amazing to read and look at. 9.5 out of 10.”
— Player Affinity
“An excellent book. I am hooked.”
— Ain't It Cool News
“Marquez's art is beautiful. He's one of the top artists working today.”
— Kitty's Pride
“Days Missing is an engaging comicbook, and a compelling story.”
— Examiner
“Days Missing is the panacea of great sci-fi storytelling.”
— Ain't It Cool News
“This is truly good storytelling. A great concept, told expertly and vividly.”
— So Entertain Me
“Has a ‘Roddenberry’ feel to it... Hester is a hell of a writer... Marquez's art is solid.”
— Graphic Policy
“[Days Missing: Kestus Issue #1] instantly drew me back into the world of Days Missing, and I don't want to leave.”
— Major Spoilers
“Phil Hester wrote two of the best issues of the first volume... and he continues that hot streak here. —8.0”
— Multiversity Comics
“The story here is developing nicely straight out of the gait... Buy, Borrow, or Burn? Definitely a buy.”
— The Nerdiest Kids
“Hester does a great job of framing the issue with enough information... Marquez not only handles pencils & inks, but his storytelling is incredibly easy to follow.”
— Project Fanboy
“Days Missing: Kestus #1 receives 4.5 out of 5. Extremely good looking book with a very interesting story.”
— Kitty's Pride
“The concept behind Days Missing and Kestus has incredible potential — it can span all eras, all places.”
— Comic Shop News
REVIEWS — Days Missing: The Original Series “The writing and artistic talent on this work is stellar, and the production standards show in the nearly perfect presentation here.”
— Poplitiko
“Do you like sci-fi? Then you should be buying this.”
— G4: Fresh Ink
“..It is top-notch science fiction.”
— scrippsnews
“Roddenberry has gotten back into the comic book business, and the first one out of the gate is a doozy of a concept.”
— TrekInk
“Days Missing fits firmly as the new potential centerpiece to (Archaia's) catalog.”
— Crave Online
“The bar was set so high that my standard pulls simply couldn't measure up.”
— Ain't It Cool News
“The best writing of Phil Hester's career. Really stellar stuff...”
— G4: Fresh Ink
“A hypnotizing look at 5 days in human history...”
— The Nerdiest Kids
“This five issue story is one you don't want to miss.”
— Gaming Angels
“Archaia has done a spectacular job in putting this book together.”
— Comics Bulletin
“A very Gene Roddenberry “Prime Directive” concept — but also a very cool one.”
— The Comic Book Script Archive
“This is science fiction the way it is meant to be...”
— Metal Life
“Highly recommended.”
— Comics Waiting Room
“...An intellectual adventure story that leaves the reader primed for more.”
— The Detroit News
“Days Missing is a masterfully executed new series with an irresistible premise.”
— Booklist
“This is an exceptional title...”
— Multiversity Comics
“Three thumbs up.”
— EBook30
“...One of this year's best miniseries.”
— Hypergeek
“(The next volume) can't come soon enough.”
— Multiversity Comics
“The narration in particular has a great feel to it...”
— Newsarama
“Extraordinarily strong writing and extremely captivating artwork...”
— G4: Fresh Ink
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